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As a software development agency owner, you may perfectly outline tasks, appoint the right key players on your team, and set a timeline for every project. Yet, this isn’t enough to run a successful business. Why? It‚Äôs because you also need to establish a one-on-one relationship with your niche audience. Your customers need to feel respected and appreciated to continue doing business with your company. This is where CRM (Customer Relationship Management) comes into play ‚ÄĒ the process of developing a bond with your customers that not only creates loyalty but also promotes a continuing workflow system.¬†


Using CRM software tools makes it seamless to create an easy-to-use interface to store data as well as have uncomplicated interactions. Keeping this in mind, here are the top CRM tools that make it easier for your software development agency to form long-standing, successful bonds with your customers. 


1) Salesforce

Salesforce is the best CRM software for companies with very specific needs, looking to expand sales/marketing/commerce and business activities from anywhere in the world through a simple and easy interface. 


  • Comprehensive sales forecasts
  • Lead management to track leads from beginning to end
  • Personalized dashboard updates for real-time representation of business
  • Efficient response to leads and log calls
  • Complete visibility that instills trust among customers


2) Freshworks CRM

For fast-paced sales teams who conduct calls and need to collect data from these calls efficiently, Freshworks CRM is an essential tool on the CRM software list. 


  • Top-notch communication tools such as built-on phone to quickly make and receive calls
  • Customizable web forms for storing visitor information
  • Customer 360¬į view to understand clients well
  • AI-based deal insights to obtain exceptional deals
  • Activity timeline helps to understand the level of participation


3) Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM is a hassle-free, flexible CRM tool that focuses on the customer through AI (Artificial Intelligence), marketing, sales, and revenue analytics.


  • Multiple personalized dashboards for overviewing short-term and long-term goals
  • Sales automation so you never forget about follow-ups
  • Opportunity management for the guidance you need to close a deal
  • Pipeline management so you can oversee and direct future sales


4) WORKetc

WORKetc is an excellent place for the entire team to collaborate as it is a one-stop software solution for all your business activities via a centralized communication system.


  • Gmail, Outlook, and Inbox Add-ins for seamless collaboration and communication
  • Central invoicing dashboard to generate, improve and track invoices
  • Offers tools that benefit remote workers
  • Boosts productivity by offering an in-depth activity history of each employee¬†¬†


5) Keap

Keap is the best CRM for small business owners as it assembles everyday tasks and customer information in one place. This gets rid of overseeing repetitive tasks, which makes it easier to focus on expanding your business. 


  • Powerful campaign builder for improved lead generation
  • Creates a repeatable sales process to track leads, organize appointments
  • Automated messages that target the right audience¬†
  • A business line to separate work calls and messages


6) Zoho CRM

If you are searching for a CRM software that is punctual in its approach to find and engage with customers at the right time while also generating revenue, Zoho CRM works wonders.


  • Measures the best communication channel to connect with customers
  • Easily keeps track of key performance indicators like future and current trends
  • Ideal for beginners owing to onboarding and training programs
  • Seamlessly import data from spreadsheets¬†
  • Omnichannel communication so customers can interact via phone, email, live chat, and social media


7) Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM offers complete visibility of your sales pipeline, right down to the last minute through a dashboard that is easy to use. 


  • Neat and uncluttered visual reporting dashboard to track leads and sales
  • Advanced features include enterprise software for content management, customer service, operations, etc
  • Automatically tracks sales activity
  • Uses sales data to enhance the performance of the team


8) Insightly

Based on the information of every customer, Insightly works to create simple workflows which prove to be very effective for small businesses. It also possesses business and project management features. 


  • Easy to use content design and testing tools that lend a personal touch to marketing campaigns
  • Automatically examines inventories, assign tasks, and sets milestones¬†
  • Relationship link building that acts as referrals


9) Creatio

Creatio flawlessly brings together customer service, marketing, and sales processes so that you obtain one clean, single platform to take your marketing and sales visions forward. 


  • Pre-set templates, apps, and vertical solutions so that platform functionality is improved
  • Effective account and contact management system that fosters long-lasting customer relationships
  • Data enrichment that collects vital data and improves lead scoring
  • Creative business app solutions to make platform functionality better¬†


So there you have it. Running a business can have its ups and downs. However, there is consolation in knowing that you, as a business owner, can streamline your services with these CRM tools examples. It gives you the assurance that you stay in touch with your customers while also managing downtime so that productivity and efficiency at your workplace are not tampered with. 


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