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Learn How To Grow Your Software Development Agency

Our unmatched experience training employees, managers, and leaders in the software development space will provide valuable insights on how to grow your software company exponentially and flourish

“Experience is the best teacher”.

Learn from an industry professional with 19 years of proven success on how to start a website development company from the ground up.

Areas of Expertise

Managed Coder is built on three pillars of expertise:

Landing clients

Through our services, we show you how to start a software business and what it takes to land —and keep— clients in a highly-competitive market!

Managing remote teams

The nature of work has changed. You need to know how to grow a software company to be agile and stay ahead. We can show you how to adapt.

Building solid leadership

Clear direction and accountability—that’s what drives a successful business. We help you learn how to start a website development company and develop strategies for managing large-scale development teams with a focus on efficiency and success. 

About Shahed

Shahed Islam - how to grow software company

“ Not sure how to start a software business? Growth has defined my entire career; it’s the heart of what I do. I have over 19 years of experience managing software development teams, and I have grown my own business from a simple, two-man operation into a team of 140 software development professionals working in five locations across the globe. My success has put me in a position to help others realize their full business potential”

Shahed Islam


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how to grow software company

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