This week, I had few meetings with other agency owners.
Creating pipeline is the hardest job for me or many of us. Its been 17 years and I feel this every year and somehow this comes back every year.

4 Lessons I’ve Learned in the Past Decade

🌿 “Ask- say what do you really want
Believe – never doubt that you will get what you want, you will get there, never get disappointed, never feel jealous
Receive – receive it “now” even before you receive it physically.” ✌️

☘️ Read and learn from others (7 sales/prospecting book last 60 days) , Quora search , related forum( my fav now : Build A Better Agency) and of course follow 5-10 person on Linkedin. One Sales book I read 5 Times: Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port

⏰ Consistency: Am I working on leads everyday? Repeat, Repeat 📌

🆗 Its ok to feel overwhelmed, If it was easy everyone would have done it.

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