Tool Time Maangement Tools for Web Developers

They say that time is gold. Once time has passed, it is gone forever and that’s how precious it is. However debatable on how important time is, let’s now focus on the professional aspect of it.

As Web Developers, we get paid for every hour spent on different projects. The longer we spend on one is actually time lost on opportunities to earn more money. Thus, the importance of time management. 

On the topic of time management, the trend is to focus on time tracking and task management tools. Even though these are important, there are other tools that could help you become more efficient with your time. These are tools that cover pressing issues that affect time management such as client communication and distraction removers, among others.

Here are some of the top five productivity tools for web developers:

HabitLab is a software tool that encourages you to spend less of your precious time on sites that can distract you like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, etc. This is done by putting up tools such as news feed blockers and comment hiders. There are also clever features that reminds you when you are spending too much time on one site.

Copy.AI brings in thousands of copywriters that will generate your desired content in just a few words or sentences. Brainstorming for ideas or content is actually time consuming, and any help in automatically generating these features would definitely save precious time.

Freedom is a distraction blocker platform that allows you to concentrate on roaming the web without any other apps or programs distracting you, as they will be restricted. There are other distraction blocker programs out there, but Freedom works across all major devices available.

Boomerang for Gmail is a cool extension that will help you manage your email messages and dictate when you should send or receive them. Sending emails on a future date is easily set with Boomerang. You can also set reminders with ease on this one, so you won’t miss any activity or task that you need to do. is great for those kinds of developers that are time conscious on every project they do. This online time will maximize your time spent on each.

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